01 DAY

Jonah 1

Read Jonah chapter 1, and then share with us what spoke to you about the passage.

God had a job that He wanted Jonah to do. The Assyrians were a violent and wicked people, and now it was time to answer for their actions. He wanted Jonah to pronounce God's judgment against them. But rather than doing what God wanted him to do, Jonah ran in the totally opposite direction. He got on a ship to run to the other side of the world. Jonah didn't want the Assyrians to have an opportunity to repent of their sins and turn to God, so he would not do what God wanted him to do.

God has a message that He wants us to deliver too. He has told us to warn others about the judgment that is coming. A holy God must judge sin, and the Bible is very clear that we all have sinned. We all deserve to be punished forever in the lake of fire because of our sins. But that is not what God wants for anyone. He sent Jesus to be sacrificed to pay the price for our sins. If we put our faith in Jesus' payment for our sins, we are forgiven. That is the message that we are to deliver, are we declaring it?

Jonah refused to deliver his message, and often we do the same thing! We may never get up and physically leave the city that we are in to run away from our responsibility, instead we just never get up and go tell anyone about what Jesus has done for them. We never take the time to deliver the soul saving message of salvation in Christ. When was the last time that you told someone how to be forgiven for their sins? Are you running away from the job that God has given you to do? Make it a point to tell someone today.