01 DAY

Titus 1

Paul is giving Titus some instruction about setting the church in order, and he warns Titus about false teachers that had come into the church. They were teaching a works based salvation, and were corrupting entire house churches. And the reason that...
02 DAY

Titus 2

Jesus is coming again! And I believe that it will be very soon. Jesus told His followers in John 14, that if He were to go away, that He would come back for them. Jesus did ascend into heaven. In Acts 1, they watched Him rise up into the clouds. While they...
03 DAY

Titus 3

We can't earn our own way to heaven. The apostle Paul had tried. In Philippians, he gives us a list of the things that he had tried to do to earn his own salvation. From the time that he was born, he was raised in the strictest sense of the law. He continued...